Rockabilly Legends

In 1960, Jerry Naylor became the lead singer for the Crickets after the tragic death of Buddy Holly. Jerry Allison, co-founder of the Crickets with Holly, offered Naylor the lead singer position with the Crickets because they had just signed a new recording contract with Liberty Records in Hollywood. Jerry recorded with the Crickets for five years at Liberty Records for the multiple global hits the group had during this time.

The Buddy Holly and The Crickets 1950’s Legacy was strongly enhanced during the 1960’s Post Buddy Holly Crickets period. It really carved a deep “That’ll Be The Day,” and “Peggy Sue” global brand by the spring of 1962, with “Don’t Ever Change,” a Carol King/ Gerry Goffin song written especially for The Crickets. The new four-harmony Crickets recording with Jerry Naylor as lead singer shot to the number 5 position on the UK national charts, and became the first global “Top Ten” hit for The Crickets since the tragic death of Buddy Holly. “Don’t Ever Change,” with Jerry Naylor lead singer of The Crickets and his very close friend, Glen Campbell, joining Naylor with classic four-part harmonies not only re-banded The Post Buddy Holly Crickets, with Naylor at the lead, carved the global legacy for Buddy Holly and The Crickets, and these new “Liberty Records Years’ Crickets” highly influenced the Beatles career, by their own public admission. Influenced so much, that John and Paul decided to name themselves “The Beatles” because of their love for Buddy Holly, The Crickets, their music and powerful Rockabilly sound. The very first song the new Beatles group performed live on BBC, in 1963, was the Jerry Naylor and Crickets hit, “Don’t Ever Change.”

The Post Buddy Holly Liberty Years Crickets had five additional international hit singles plus the multi-million selling “Bobby Vee Meets the Crickets Album” was the biggest international success to that time. Jerry Naylor and The Crickets also had a number One hit EP recording on EMI/Liberty Records in 1963, featuring two additional hits, “My Little Girl” and “Teardrops Fall Like Rain,” which The Liberty Years Crickets performed when they were featured in the Columbia Motion Pictures Movie, “Just For Fun,” and are still hot viewing on global You Tube around the world.

Jerry Naylor has just released globally, a 19-Track CD feature re-recordings of their Liberty Years Crickets hits and ten original tracks written precisely for this new production, “The Rockabilly Legends Tribute; Jerry Naylor, 1961-1965, Crickets Don’t Ever Change.” Look On-Line You Tube for “I Still Love You Peggy Sue,” the tribute to Buddy Holly and his classic, “Peggy Sue,” global single release from the 50th Anniversary Jerry Naylor CD.

Jerry Naylor is a member of the Academy of Country Music, The Country Music Association, and The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. He is a member of The Who’s Who of Country Music, The Who’s Who of Rock and Roll, The Encyclopedia of Country Music, The Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll and his creative works are registered in The Country Music Hall of Fame and The United States Library of Congress.